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Selling Your Home? How To Use Paving To Increase Your Curb Appeal

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If you are planning to sell your home, you need to do everything you can to make it the most presentable. Instead of starting in the interior replacing carpeting, installing new flooring, or painting walls, you should start out with the exterior. This is the first thing your future home buyer will see when they pull up to your home. Below are some tips on how you can use paving to increase the curb appeal so you can sell your home much quicker. Install Paving Stones If you have a beautiful structure, such as a statue or water fountain, or a beautiful flower garden, install paving stones to use as a walkway. You can then walk your potential buyers down your path so they can view the structure or flower garden. You will find that there are two types of paving stones: manufactured and natural stone. Manufactured stones are generally less expensive as they mimic the look of the natural stone. Concrete is also considered a manufactured paving stone. It is durable and can last for many years. Natural stone paving stones can be made of flagstone, sandstone, bluestone, slate, granite, and coral stone. This gives you a great variety so you can have the color that you like. Some colors you will find include tan, pink, green, red, gray, black, blue, and charcoal. You can choose from different patterns, such as fan, parquet, basket weave, circular, and herringbone. You can mix shapes to make the paving stones look unique. Some shapes you can choose include square, oblong, circle, rectangle, and diamond. Install a New Driveway Consider installing an interlocking paver driveway. You can choose from plain pavers, brick pavers, or concrete pavers in a variety of colors, such as brown, tan, and red. Because a paver driveway has to be installed one piece at a time, it can take much longer than an average concrete driveway to install. How long it will take depends how long and wide your driveway is, and the type of paver you choose to install. A major benefit of a paver driveway is that it rarely cracks. This is because there are many edges that allow movement from freeze and thaw cycles. This type of driveway can also withstand de-icing materials, such as salt and magnesium chloride. This is a big benefit if you live in a snowy area. If there is any damage to the driveway, you can repair that specific area instead of replacing the entire driveway. This is because the damaged paver can be removed and then replaced. Just like with walkways, you can arrange the stones in a variety of patterns and shapes. For example, you can arrange the shapes so it shows a star or other shape. Talk with a contractor like Payless Paving Solutions Inc about using paving and they can give you more information to help you decide if this is something that you want to...

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Why You Should Invest In Brick Masonry For Guest House Construction

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Have you decided to construct a guest house in your backyard because you get a lot of visitors? You should consider brick masonry for the exterior because it comes along with several benefits that will make your investment worthy. Take a look at the benefits of opting for brick masonry for your guest house that are listed in the article below. No Damage from Pests One of the benefits of using brick masonry is that you will not have to worry about the exterior of your guesthouse getting destroyed by termites. Although the wood framing inside of the wall cavities might suffer damage if termites are ever a problem, you will still save money on getting repairs done because less work will be necessary. Carpenter ants are another pest problem that you won’t have to worry much about, as there won’t be much wood available for them to create holes for their nests. Only a Minimal Amount of Maintenance is Needed You can count on a guest house that is constructed out of brick masonry to be durable and not require much maintenance. If the bricks accumulate a lot of dirt, the problem can be taken care of by using power washing equipment. You might have to get the cracks between the bricks sealed eventually, but it will likely only be necessary after the guest house has been up for a long time. A Variety of Brick Color Options You will be able to get your guest house constructed in a way that adds character because there are so many brick colors to choose from. You can opt for a single color, or you can mix different colors for a unique look. The best thing about bricks is that you won’t have to worry about the color fading, as they are constructed out of natural materials. Fire Won’t Cause Damage When a guest house is constructed out of brick masonry, it will be able to resist fire. If you ever have guests that smoke cigarettes, you can never predict when an accidental fire might spark up. Your guest house will remain standing in a fire, which can save you money on repair costs. The ceiling and the items inside of the guest house will be the only things that need to be replaced. Make an appointment with a brick masonry company (such as Saskatoon Master Stone Masonry) so they can visit your home to construct a guest house in your...

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How To Prevent Frozen Pipes

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With freezing cold temperatures at this time of year, you should definitely be concerned about your pipes freezing. This is especially true if there is a power outage due to high winds or ice buildup on exterior power lines, as lack of heat in your home can lead to frozen pipes. To help prevent frozen pipes, there are a number of things you can do that aren’t too costly. See below for a few helpful tips. Cover Exterior Spigots Be sure to disconnect exterior hoses, turn off spigots outside and cover them with an insulated cover. You can find insulated covers for spigots at your local hardware store. If you have a shutoff valve for your exterior spigots, be sure to shut the water off to help prevent any freezing of these pipes. Insulate Pipes If your plumbing pipes are located in a basement, crawl space, attic or even in the garage, be sure to use pipe insulators, such as foam insulators, to wrap your piping. It doesn’t take a lot of time to do this, and the insulators can be easily cut with a utility knife. While wrapping your pipes, inspect them to ensure your pipes aren’t already frozen or damaged. Also be sure to wrap your water heater with a water heater insulator wrap. Turn Up The Heat If you are planning on being away from your home, be sure to leave the heat up (no lower than 55oF according to the American Red Cross) to ensure your pipes do not freeze. Leave The Tap On If temperatures are going to be freezing, you can leave the tap on to drip just enough to keep water flowing through the pipes. Using warm water helps to keep the pipe warm as well, which will help prevent your pipes from freezing. If you have frozen pipes, what should you do? If you turn on the tap and no water comes out, call a plumber immediately. If you also notice water flowing into your basement, try to get to the water shut off if you can and call an emergency plumber. Frozen pipes can eventually burst, which can cause water to flood your basement. Electrocution is a risk when you have a flooded basement, so this problem should be handled by a professional.  You can try to un-thaw the frozen pipe by using a hair dryer to warm up the pipe. Never use an open flame such as a torch or lighter to heat up the pipe, as you can damage the pipe or cause a fire in your home. If the pipe has split, call a plumber, as the pipe needs to be replaced.  Try your best to prevent frozen pipes from happening to you, but if the worst happens be sure to contact a plumber like Langley Plumbing for...

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How To Maintain Your Flat Roof

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If you have a building that is flat, there are certain cleaning and maintenance tasks you should follow. This allows your roof to last a longer period of time and protects your investment. The following tips will help you maintain the flat roof. Clean the Roof Regularly One of the best things you can do for a flat roof is keep it clean. With this type of roof, it is easy for debris and dirt to accumulate on top of the roofing structure, since there is no pitch that allows debris to fall to the gutters. A lot of debris gets caught in the middle of the roof, which can build up and cause issues with the structure. Make a note to clean the roof on a routine basis by removing the large debris by hand and sweeping the dirt and dust. You should also wash the roofing structure occasionally, but be sure there are no cracks and holes as you do this. Part of cleaning also involves cleaning out the gutters, making sure no twigs, leaves, and sludge is sitting in the gutters. Remove Snow as it Accumulates Another great method for maintaining a flat roof is to remove snow as it starts to build up on the roof, and after a big snowstorm. When you have a lot of snow on the roof, it can add too much weight, which puts the roofing materials at risk. If it melts while on the roof, that extra moisture can do damage to certain types of roofing materials. This also increases your risk of ice dams. With ice dams, the snow melts and drips down to the edge of the roof and gutters where it sits. If it is cold outside, that water will re-freeze and lead to ice dams, which can cause even more damage. It is best to shovel the snow off the roof more often to prevent the ice dams. Inspect the Roof For Damage Finally, get up on the roof on a routine basis to inspect it. You want to look for signs of damage, such as cracks or holes that might eventually lead to a leak. Also look for any worn or deteriorating roofing materials that may need to be replaced. It is also a good idea to have a roofing contractor inspect the roof and make repairs. By doing this now instead of when you discover a major leak during the next rainstorm, you avoid damage inside your home. Contact a local roofer, like R & A Roofing Services, for more...

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Three Projects You Can Tackle To Extend The Life Of Your Home’s Roof

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The roof of your home serves as an integral protective barrier that keeps the weather elements at bay. When you aren’t vigilant about taking care of your roof, you can expect that rain and snow will leak under the shingles and cause extensive damage. If there’s any doubt about the condition of the roof, it’s important to schedule a visit from a roofing contractor (like those at Hazelmere Roofing LTD and other locations) right away. He or she will be able to climb on top of your home and assess the condition of the roof to determine if a repair — or a total replacement — is needed. Moving forward, here are three different ways that you can keep your roof healthy and prevent premature damage. Survey The Yard After High Winds High winds can be detrimental to the health of a roof. It’s possible for the wind to lift one or more shingles and blow them away. This leaves a void in the shingling of your roof and can result in water damage. After a period of high wind, it’s advantageous to be vigilant about looking around your yard, driveway and even on the street in front of your home to notice if you see any shingles. When a shingle blows off, it’s often found in one of these locations. If you notice one, call your roofing contractor right away and he or she will be able to replace the shingle before major damage occurs. Add Insulation To Your Attic After a snowfall, walk outside your home and stand in a position that you can see your roof. If the snow is melting more quickly than on your neighbours’ roofs, it’s a sign that your attic is improperly insulated. This means that your home’s heat is escaping upward through the attic and roof. The concern with this situation is the formation of ice dams, which are small sections of ice that prevent water and snow from draining off the roof. Ice dams can push water under the shingles, but this issue goes away when your attic is adequately insulated. Clean Your Eavestroughs Cleaning your eavestroughs about twice a year can extend the life of the roof. When they’re cleaned out and not blocked by leaves, your eavestroughs will carry away rainwater from the edge of the roof. During a blockage, however, the standing water can soak under the edge of the roof and cause damage that will require a significant repair job or a roof...

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The ABCs Of Keeping Customer Traffic Flowing During Dock Construction

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When you own a marina store that is accessible only by a docking port on the water, undergoing a new dock construction project can take a toll on your customer traffic. Even though the store still may be readily accessible, boat travelers who are passing by the marina store may assume that it is closed temporarily or too difficult to get to because of the ensuing construction. There is a simple set of rules you should keep in mind before a dock construction project begins to ensure that the project does not negatively affect your daily sales.  Always advertise about the upcoming project in advance.  Well before the dock construction project is scheduled to begin, start working toward informing everyone in the community about the upcoming project. Post signs in the store, at the existing dock, and on community information boards online. Your customers will need to know in advance that you plan to stay open through the construction process and how they can still get to your place of business while the access point is changing.  Be sure to make temporary docking stations visible.  If the customers who are passing by the marina on boat see construction only, they will likely just assume that the store is closed and keep on going until they get to the next available harbor or stopping point on the water. The key to letting potential customers know that your services are still available is to ensure that the temporary docking station you are using is as visible as possible. Make sure the area is well-lit throughout the night and use brightly colored signage and banners to lead customers in the right direction.  Create an alternative work area.  If at all possible, work with the dock construction team to designate a specific construction area in the marina where the majority of the work can take place “behind the scenes”. A lot of what is involved in dock construction involves contractors constructing parts and then transporting them to the new dock location. By keeping these contractors in a more low-key location while work is being done, passersby will be less likely to see work being accomplished and just keep steering their boat in a different direction.  Even though it is crucial to your marina business to keep the dock updated and safe, the transition can affect your business temporarily. Be sure you talk to a dock construction company, like Okanagan Dock construction, to get more details about how you can see as little interruption as possible through the...

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Keeping Your Roof In Tip-Top Shape

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When someone owns their own home, routine maintenance to their home’s rooftop is important so unnecessary damage does not occur. Taking steps to evaluate and make simple repairs can save money as extensive damage would be thwarted as a result. Here are some steps to follow when it becomes time to do maintenance to your own rooftop. Know When To Check It is best to check over your roof every month to make sure there are not areas needing attention. Taking care of the roof in more detail can be done in the springtime to help remove any debris and fix any damage from inclement weather, and again in the fall in preparation for increased precipitation buildup, giving time to make repairs so leaking does not occur when this buildup is present. Take Safety Precautions When walking around on your roof, safety is a concern. Make sure to wear non-skid soled shoes to help retain traction. Have a friend available to help hand you items so you do not need to go up and down the ladder excessively, which could cause you to lose your train of thought in staying safe. They can also spot you on the ladder and be there if an emergency occurs. Always use a tether to help reduce the chance of an accidental fall. Clean The Area Thoroughly Taking time to clean off the top of your roof is a huge part of the maintenance procedure. This removes any debris such as sticks, twigs, leaves, and moss. When this debris is present, water will buildup underneath and around the items, causing a risk to your home’s interior as leaking could very well occur. Use a broom to sweep off loose debris. For areas with encrusted grime, use a mild detergent and a soft-bristled brush to scrub the areas by hand. Rinse well with a pressure washer and let the roof dry before getting up again to evaluate. Replace Damaged Portions Walk back and forth across your rooftop looking for areas that appear damaged. Peeled back or crumbling shingles should be replaced with new ones. This is a simple fix where the old shingle is detached and a new one is hammered in its place with a roofing nail. If the roofing paper underneath is wet and deteriorating, this should be replaced as well.  Check along vents, skylights, and the chimney for rusted flashing along the sides of the protrusions. Scrape off rust with a wire brush and add a layer of caulk to keep moisture from getting underneath. For severe rust, flashing will need to be replaced. Check Your Gutters If your gutters are filled with debris, water can pool up inside and eventually push its way underneath the bottom layer of shingles on your roof. Remove the debris by putting on a pair of gloves and scooping it into a bucket. Check that the water runs though to the downspout by testing it with a garden hose. For roofing assistance, talk to a...

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Learn Everything You Need To Know About The Clay Liners In Your Chimney

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It is important to have the chimney in your home inspected regularly to ensure that the lining inside of the chimney is in good condition. Most chimneys have a clay liner in them that keeps the heat from a fire from causing combustible materials located near the chimney from catching fire and keeps harmful toxins from seeping into your home. The following guide walks you through everything you need to know about the clay liner in your chimney. Clay Liners Can be Damaged Without You Even Knowing Do not make the mistake of thinking that it will be abundantly obvious that the clay liner in your chimney is damaged because there are many times when the damage is not noticeable to a homeowner until a fire breaks out or a home is filled with harmful toxins. Damage can be caused through weakening of the liner over time, structural damage from an earthquake, or even through water damage. An Inspection Lets You Know All You Need to Know When you look at your chimney, you may not see cracks, crumbling material, or any visible sign that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Having a professional chimney company inspect the chimney allows you to be certain it is safe to use. The technicians have specialized equipment that allows them to inspect the inside of the chimney closely to determine if the liner is in good condition or needs to be repaired. Repairing a Damaged Clay Liner Is Easy In order to have the clay liner in your chimney repaired, you do not have to have the entire chimney rebuilt. There is a lining pipe that can easily be installed inside of the clay liner to give it the strength that it needs. The pipes are made from stainless steel and designed to be flexible so they can bend for easy installation into your chimney. Inspections of the Relining Pipe Is Important Too It is important to have the relining pipe inspected regularly to ensure that it is still situated properly inside of your chimney. Over time, the pipe may shift slightly and need to be realigned to ensure that all of the toxins and heat escape out of the top of the chimney safely. Keeping your family as safe as possible when using your fireplace is important. A properly lined chimney allows you to create the heat your family needs without putting their lives at risk. For assistance, talk to a professional like Carleton Chimney Services...

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Adding A Terrace? You’re Going To Need The Neighbors On Your Side

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It may seem strange that you need someone else’s permission to remodel your own home, but changes to the silhouette of your house are considered by the law to have a potentially significant effect on your neighbors. Before you get started building your home’s terrace, make sure you fully understand your neighbors’ views on the project and their legal ramifications. Do You Need Your Neighbors’ Consent? Adding a terrace could block off sunlight from one neighbor’s favorite window, or it could allow you to see into a different neighbor’s upstairs windows, violating his or her privacy. Changing the appearance of your home can also affect the property values of surrounding homes. While you might think the terrace is an excellent idea, others might have a different idea about what counts as an improvement on your home. Legally, your neighbors have a right to be notified of any changes you intend to make, but telling them your plans will also help maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. In order to make the transition smoother, it’s ideal to sit down with them and talk about whether they are content with the current building proposal or not. If a neighbor doesn’t consent, it’s advisable not to file for your building permit until you have reached an acceptable compromise. What If You Proceed Without Consent? When you file for your building permit, notices with detailed building plans will be sent out to all of your neighbors. If one has an objection to your proposed terrace design, he or she can mail in an appeal form, effectively pausing your building permit until an arbiter can decide whether or not the complaint is valid. It’s helpful to seek legal counsel at this stage, since a good lawyer may be able to settle things with the neighbor and speed up the permit approval process. If the neighbor decides to fight your permit and the arbiter deems his or her complaint valid, you’ll likely have to tear down anything you’ve already built. You’ll face a fine for any work done when your permit was paused, but a good lawyer can help you pay less in this worst-case scenario. Fortunately, most complaints are thrown out, and building is allowed to go ahead as planned. As long as you don’t do anything egregious, like damage a neighbor’s property or block out the main windows to their home, you most likely will be allowed to proceed despite the complaint against you. Renovating your home can be exciting, but some neighbors have the ability to rain on your parade. You can prevent this by going over your plans with the neighbors and consulting a legal expert to make sure you won’t end up with hefty fines. At the end of the day, your terrace should remove stress from your life, not add to it. Being fully prepared before you start construction can ensure that this home improvement project doesn’t take a toll on your happiness. Get in touch with local roofing contractors to learn...

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Should You Work As A Steam Truck Operator?

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If you’re interested in changing your career in order to increase your salary as well as job satisfaction, then you may be considering becoming a steam truck operator. However, before you make your final decision, you should consider all aspects of this possible new career. It is important to know exactly what the job entails before you make a commitment. Here is an overview of a possible career as a steam truck operator: What are the training requirements?  In order to become a steam truck operator, only a high school diploma or equivalent is necessary. However, in order to earn a higher income and improve your chances of finding employment, technical school is recommended. If you prefer not to attend school, then a 9,000 hour apprenticeship can provide you with on-the-job training that can enable you to become proficient as a steamfitter or steam truck operator, or similar position. Apprenticeships are typically paid, so you can earn an income while simultaneously learning. What do steam truck operators do? Steamfitters and those in similar positions install and service pipes containing steam. These pipes are usually in utility plants, warehouses, colleges and similar places. Steamfitters must read and interpret blueprints, create in-depth sketches for pipe installation and welding is often necessary. The job often requires heavy lifting, climbing ladders, and working nights and weekends in order to respond to emergency situations.  What is the earning potential? A job as a steam truck operator or in a similar plumbing or pipefitting position will pay on average of about $49,140 on an annual basis. This could vary depending on several factors, including what part of Canada you live in, the specific company that you work for, your experience level and more. If you were to become self-employed in the future, then your income could possibly exceed the average. Of course this will be based on how much business you’re able to obtain, your rates, as well as the specific services that you offer. Is there job security working in the steamfitting industry? Careers within the steam truck operator, plumbing and pipefitters industries are expected to grow more than 20% faster than average from now until 2022. That means that job security shouldn’t be much of a problem for you, since your job would remain in demand for a minimum of 7 more years.  Employment as a steam truck operator could be very satisfying for the right person. If you can imagine yourself performing the work and you feel you would enjoy it, then you should very well pursue a career in this industry. As long as you’re able to find a company willing to train someone with little or no experience, or you’re willing to attend technical school, then breaking into the field can be relatively easy and possibly lucrative. Click here for more information on a business for steam truck in Fort...

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